Email marketing seems easy, right? Create a simple email, throw in some products and a sweet little sales code and voila - quick recipe for ROI.  Right?  Wrong.

It's not quite that easy.  With at least a dozen dynamic variables to consider, it's understandable that many small business owners invest time and money in email campaigns that don't garner results.  

Even if you're not a marketing or analytics expert, there's still hope.  A few simple guidelines can turn your campaigns from useless spam into helpful sales:

  1. Frequency.  Be sure to guage how often you send out campaigns, and monitor the response. Sending too many emails may desensitize your audience, making them less likely to pay attention.
  2. Subject Line Testing.  Subject lines are extremely important, especially when users receive, on average, 10-15 valid emails per day.  Your subject line should be short, but informative. Testing various word combinations and monitoring the results will help you understand what keeps your audience interested.
  3. Inspire Emotion/Create Excitement.  Make people want your product. When they open their email, they're not necessarily looking to make a purchase. However, the right combination of subject line, layout and design can inspire a motivation to buy where there was none before.
  4. Color. You need to create a mood with your campaign that will elicit results.  How do you want users to feel when they open the email? A little research into the psychology of color will help you design a compelling template that beckons users back to your site for more.
  5. Content/RSS to Email.  Be sure to send marketing emails with a sufficient amount of content.  If you struggle to fill them out, consider using RSS to Email, which is a clever way to fill out a campaign using information you've already created for your primary website (blog updates, sales and specials, news, etc).  These feeds pour content directly into the template, and can be custom coded for you or created using wizards, which some campaign providers offer at little to no additional cost.

These tips are sure to get you going in the right direction.  If you'd like more information on email marketing techniques, how to reach your current audience, or designing for conversion, contact us. We're here to help.