5 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Still Important

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Did you know that email marketing first hit the scene 25 years ago? 

As the name suggests, this a type of marketing that relies on marketing communication via emails. Of course, in the last two decades, we have witnessed the emergence of many other forms of marketing usually related to the Internet. This is the reason why many ordinary people and marketers believe that email marketing is no longer useful and that this form of marketing is outdated. However, they are wrong.

Social Media is Too Overcrowded to Replace Email

When people are talking about email marketing they usually like to point out how important social media have become. While it is true that social media networks are used by millions of people on a daily basis, it is also true that these networks tend to be overcrowded making sending marketing messages a little bit difficult. In other words, your message might get lost in an ocean of content no matter how powerful your message is.

On the other hand, email marketing is still relevant because most people check their emails frequently, even a few times a day. Modern email platforms are more sophisticated and provide many features like desktop notifications, precise spam filtering and other features that make this experience better. But, this is not the only reason why email marketing is still important.

Email Builds Relationships

This type of marketing is efficient because it still allows businesses and organizations to establish and maintain a strong relationship with consumers. If emails are used in the right way, you can improve the quality of this relationship and increase the chances to collect useful information from your potential and existing clients. This is the first activity that you should opt for when building an email list.

Email is Still One of the Top Online Activities

Furthermore, emails are still among the top online activities of Internet users. Even though some images are shared via social media networks, the vast majority of documents and files in different formats are still sent via emails. People know that emails are more secure and reliable and that’s why they use them. So, if you have a video, infographic or another file that you would like to share with your clientele you can always count on emails.

Email Marketing Offers Awesome Analytics

Email marketing also allows better tracking and reporting of your digital marketing campaigns. There are simple tools that can show you how successful your email marketing campaign was. You can find the details about the behavior of visitors that have used your emails to reach your website.

Email Marketing is Affordable

Sending emails are the most affordable form of communication. It is very easy to find email lists or create email lists that contain users that are genuinely interested in your niche/industry. Such high interest promises excellent conversion rates.


Finally, emails and their structure are following the latest trends. You can easily implement these trends in your email marketing strategy. Don’t forget that social media and email marketing can be used together, they don’t exclude each other.

These are only some of the reasons why email marketing is still important and according to many expert marketers, this form of marketing will continue to be important in the near future too.  

By Anthony Sostre on 06/26/2016

Anthony Sostre is Weblift's content marketing expert and blogger. He is pioneering the concepts of conversion content and engagement content. Contact him on Twitter @AnthonySostre

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