AMC has produced an amazing (though admittedly grisly) product with their post apocalyptic series, The Walking Dead. It has managed to score an outstanding number of viewers, even though the content doesn't specifically appeal to the masses. How did that happen?

As a Walking Dead fan, I was asking myself the same question. I'm not into the horror genre or movie violence/gore, so how did I get so addicted to this show? The answer is less visual and much more psychological than I expected.

Following Business Insider's lead, we decided to apply their four network suggestions to traditional marketing and sales. Below, our notes for creating a killer product (pun intended).

1. Wow Us (Surprise Us)

Consumers, like television audiences, like to feel a sense of awe. They want businesses to wow them with their products. If your sector is saturated, focus on the details. Small things will set you apart from the competition.

2. Eliminate the Unnecessary (Skip the Backstory)

If a series is slow and repetitive, people will feel bored and lose interest. The same feeling of disinterest can happen to consumers when they visit your website, or walk into a physical store. Keep it interesting. Try new things. Focus on intuitive interfaces and displays and have faith in your consumers - they're not idiots. Don't treat them like they are.

3. Simple, Yet Significant (Keep it Simple)

TV episodes don't have time on their side. In fact, it's always working against them. The same rules apply to everyday sales. You've got a few seconds to make an impression and influence the audience to buy. To do this, keep the language simple. Present the products, create an emotion, and remove barriers to buy. If you give users a clear path, they will follow. Don't confuse them with details.

4. Create Controversy (Leave Room for Debate)

The Walking Dead skips a back story and moves viewers through the show quickly, leaving fans to ponder and discuss what might happen next.

This same idea applies to marketing. Good or bad, create enough buzz about your product, and people will gain interest. They'll want to know what everyone is talking about, and once they're paying attention, you've got the opportunity to convert.

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