Great Marketing is About Four Simple Words.

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According to Harvard Business School, Marketing is Everything. Business and marketing are intrinsically linked so it’s only natural that great entrepreneurs are often uncannily great marketers — but what does it mean to be great at marketing?

There are Two Sides to Marketing

Marketing is scientific. Good marketers want to qualitatively assess performance based on metrics and testing. Being a good marketer on this level requires an analytical mind that can look at things objectively and gets excited about things like running A/b tests.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, marketing is an art. One must craft stories that evoke an emotional reaction and get people to pay attention. The right messaging and brand image can only be brought to life with creativity and passion.

These positions are often completely opposite and trying to become great at both will likely leave you exhausted and disappointed.

So How Can You Be Great at Marketing?

Great Marketers and Entrepreneurs don’t stress quite as much about the details of every metric or the strict brand guidelines because they understand that, while those are components that help people to succeed at marketing, they aren’t really what marketing is about.

The success of your marketing — and your business — is based on your ability to succeed at four simple words:

Make People Love You.

Mastering Marketing is Mastering the Art of Making People Love You.

Yes, you should utilize data, and of course you should create a consistent brand message — but you can fail at both of those things and still win. You just have to stay focused on the goal of making people love you.

Whether you’re revamping your brand image, building a pitch deck for your new venture, or just creating a facebook post, ask yourself if what you’re doing will make people love you. If you aren’t sure, then keep reworking it until you feel it does.

Please note that I am in no way advocating that the role of marketing is to trick people into loving you. One of the most important (and most difficult) parts of making people love you is self-assessment.

Is your brand/company/service lovable?

Are you authentic? Do you stand for something? Do you bring value to people’s lives?

When you accept that your fundamental task is to make people love you, the way you evaluate your marketing changes. You start to realize that you can improve KPIs all day and still not be a great marketer.

I challenge you to ask this question before each business and marketing decision you make over the next month:
Will this Make People Love Us?
Please share how it changed or shaped your decisions. You’ll be amazed at the results!


By Pedro Sostre on 10/03/2017

Pedro Sostre is data driven, tech savvy, and fluent in a variety of media. He is author of the book "Web Analytics for Dummies," and is pioneering Conversion Design, a design concept which blends traditional graphic design principles with search engine optimization, usability, and analytics analysis to create successful web solutions.

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