Marketing News Roundup For November

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Cyber Mondy BIGGEST ever

Cyber Monday has typically been a big day for shopping online but has surpassed all estimates by hitting $6.59 Billion in sales this year. What’s especially noteworthy is that more sales were done on smartphones than desktops for the first time ever. “Shopping and buying on smartphones is becoming the new norm and can be attributed to continued optimizations in the retail experience on mobile devices and platforms,” said Mickey Mericle, vice president, Marketing and Customer Insights at Adobe. Amazon comes in as the leader in most sales for Cyber Monday (no real surprise from the super giant website). Read more about the record breaking sales day here


Looking for the perfect present? Check Pinterest

Pinterest has just launched their new Secret Santa tool. A personalized gift-giving tool that allows users to find custom gift ideas for friends and family. The tool uses the Pinterest API to create custom idea boards based on what friends and family are saying on the social media platform. To find gifts for people who aren’t on Pinterest, users can find a persona, such as travelers or pet lovers, similar to the person they are shopping for. Perhaps the perfect tool to use when you really aren’t sure what to get someone! See more gift ideas from Pinterest here


Sephora- Making Shopping More Fun

Sephora has been experimenting with new concept stores, called Sephora studio. The studio is much smaller than Sephora’s typical stores and focus on learning makeup techniques. Sephora's beauty advisors are there to give customers an experience first, and sell them a product second. Read more about all of Sephora’s Marketing techniques here


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