Marketing News Roundup- June 15

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Panera Bread Breaks $1B in Annualized Digital Sales

Panera's success points to how digital is playing a growing role across business sectors, spurred by both cutting edge technology and greater mobile capabilities." The digital part is growing faster than the rest of our business," says Hurst. "We want to make sure we are ready for it and continue to invest in that infrastructure." Read more about Panera’s success with digital innovation here

Facebook and Google Give More Control To Online Advertisers 

We have been watching for the past couple of weeks to see how Facebook and Google would improve ad placement as brands become more cautious as to where their ads placed. Brands do not want any association with offensive content (for obvious reasons) and up until recently had little control of where their ads could be placed. Facebook has now given the power back to advertisers by allowing them to opt out of appearing near content from specific publishers. The idea is to give the advertisers more certainty that their ads won't show up alongside objectionable videos. Google is taking a different approach by introducing their own ad blocking system. To help publishers prepare, Google will provide a self-service tool called “Ad Experience Reports,” which will alert them to offending ads on their sites and explain how to fix the issues. Google is also introducing a program called Funding Choices, now in beta, that allows publishers to show site visitors using an ad blocker a customized message to either disable the software or otherwise pay for a pass that provides an ad-free experience through Google Contributor.  The ad-blocking feature will be turned on by default for users once Google rolls it out next year, according to The Wall Street Journal, and might seriously impact publishers' revenue sources.

Could Canada Be The Next Silicon Valley?

With immigration woes only getting worse in America, Canada has been taking the opposite approach and allowing for faster work visas. The two-year pilot, part of a Global Skills program first announced last year, will be available to "innovative" companies seeking highly skilled workers- making it much easier for workers to gain visas. It's the latest attempt by Canada to lure tech business north of the border. It's also experimenting with looser regulations, tax breaks and rebranding. Later this year, Ontario will launch an ad campaign targeting Silicon Valley decision makers and workers. Will this be enough to appeal to new tech startups?


The ‘Most Interesting Man in the World’ Is Now a Tequila Drinker

Jonathan Goldsmith, best-known for his role as the Dos Equis 'Most Interesting Man in the World,' will now start in new advertisements for Astral Tequila. Goldsmith has been promoting Dos Equis for the past decade but has since been replaced by Augustin Legrand- who is over 30 years younger and was hired to help the brand appeal with millennials. Read more about it here


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By Courtney Basel on 06/15/2017

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