Marketing Roundup- July 7th

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Google Announces AdSense Native Ads

This week Google has introduced native ads- ads that look and feel like the ad serving website. Native advertising has been growing for several reasons, including that consumers are looking for less intrusive ad experiences while publishers seek ways to better monetize their content for mobile users. A recent report from eMarketer reveals that native digital display ads will account for more than half of all digital display ad spending in the U.S. this year. 


Facebook Is Now Reducing the Reach of Users Who Routinely Share Fake News, Clickbait and Spam

Facebook revealed today that it’s cutting back the reach of users’ posts in the news feed if they’ve proven to regularly post fake news, clickbait articles or spammy pages. While it will only apply to links, it is a step in the right direction to curb the spread of fake news. Read more here


Which Companies are Adding the Most Millennial Customers?

The YouGov BrandIndex report provides insights into what brands millennials are interested in as well as a way to track what is trending with the demographic. There also may be lessons to be learned from what some brands are doing to connect with a highly coveted demographic. The brands that they found to be doing the best with millennial customers included: Uber, Delta, Adidas, and Airbnb. Read more about how they are continually gaining millennial attention here


The Psychology Behind The Trump Effect On Marketing

Trump’s style and approach – engaging with people more on a personal and human level rather than as a statesman. The common effect on both sides is a deep emotional response to a presidency like the country has never seen. In such an emotionally charged time the Trump era has ushered in, marketers must tread carefully. Read the Huffington Post’s insights here


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