Marketing without a budget: The $0 Marketing Plan

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It is impossible to run a successful business without a good business marketing plan. However, what many business owners don’t understand is that a good, effective marketing plan doesn’t have to be expensive. As a matter of the fact, marketing is possible without a budget.

The $0 marketing plan that we are about to present can be used in almost every industry.


To start with, you can become a member of a networking club or chamber. There are many clubs/chambers created to help business owners expose and promote their businesses. They are interested in local businesses because they believe that local businesses support the community. Even though most of these clubs require certain fees, these fees are symbolic and won’t affect your budget. In addition, business owners can also check these clubs as guests which are obviously free. In addition to the exposure, you will also get a chance to establish some relationships with dealers and business partners which is very important for the growth and expansion.

Teaming Up with Charities

Marketing without a budget is not as difficult as it seems. Another thing that you can do is to team up with local charity organizations. Additionally, you can use your business to promote some useful cause. Besides possible tax deductions, you can also feel the marketing effects. There are many businesses that are promoting their products and services by pointing out that a certain percentage of their profit will be directed to a local charity organization. This is an excellent way to build reputation and brand image. We should not forget that the charity organization will also find a way to promote your business.

Social Media

Since we are living and working in a digital age, the marketing plan must include some online activities. Once again, some of these activities are completely free and incredibly efficient. One good example of marketing activity like this is the use of social media. As you are probably aware, every business and organization can open a profile on the most popular social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. With a good social media marketing campaign, you can feel the benefits fast. The best idea is to create a modern, responsive website and use the traffic you get on your social media profiles to improve the ranking of your website. It is not unusual for modern businesses to use these online presentations to offer discounts and to promote some new deals.

Creating an Affiliate Network

While we are talking about the Internet and the opportunities it provides, we should also mention affiliate marketing. By using the help of affiliates you can rely on other people to sell your services or products. Of course, you must be prepared to share some of the profit with them, but on the other hand, the marketing and promotion task is on them. Some of the affiliates are highly motivated and thanks to the Internet you can expect incredible results.

Keep in mind that with professional marketing services and a marketing plan with a budget, you can begin to drive leads faster and in greater numbers than with free marketing. Establishing a true marketing plan should become a priority, even for someone with little to budget.

By Anthony Sostre on 07/03/2016

Anthony Sostre is Weblift's content marketing expert and blogger. He is pioneering the concepts of conversion content and engagement content. Contact him on Twitter @AnthonySostre

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