If Facebook and Spotify had a love child, this would be it. The new MySpace is clean, user-friendly, highly intuitive and, best of all, music-centric. The platform isn't trying to be something it's not. It's not attempting to be the "new" Facebook. It isn't even trying to kill Twitter. In fact, it would rather just be...itself.

What a concept.

Though MySpace broke ground as our first "real" social media network (founded on the concept of Friendster) in 2004, it reached it's peak in 2008 before finally declining to less than half of its original value in 2011.

After the collapse, we figured MySpace was finished. Another relic to look back on with your friends and say, "Yeah, remember when we had MySpace accounts?" followed by nostalgic laughter and references to Crystal Pepsi.

Today, however, all that may have changed. The resurrection of MySpace, funded in part by Justin Timberlake, has met some pretty rave reviews.

With its fresh look, new concepts (such as scrolling left to right instead of up and down) and  music-centric interface combined with social media (this is where Spotify lends its genetic code), MySpace may have finally found its own place in this digital world.

Now, if only they could bring back "Uh-Oh!" Oreos...

Checkout the interface (below). Currently, the system is open to invited participants only, but we expect they'll have it ready for the general public within the next six weeks.