Weekly Marketing Roundup - April 28, 2017

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Heineken Knows How To Do Political Ads- Two strangers with very different views are put together in this Heineken ad, which gets political in a way that Pepsi should take note of. It involves some honest conversation in a straightforward way that makes Pepsi’s self-congratulatory ad seem even more embarrassing. Encouraging actual dialogue is a thousand times more of a mature and responsible way to address our current international predicament than glamorizing, fetishizing, and whitewashing the protest movement. See it here


Google Expands AdSense Hate Speech Policy- We have been seeing a lot of the backlash Google has been receiving from their relatively lax ad placement. The key change Google has made is the wording on the "Content that advocates against an individual, group, or organization" section that now explicitly states that AdSense will not monetize "dangerous or derogatory content." Any content that promotes discrimination or disparages individuals or groups with characteristics “associated with systemic discrimination or marginalization” violates the new policy. Google says the new policy can now be applied at a page level, instead of the site level. It’s a key change for the more than 2 million AdSense publishers that also minimizes the impact of a broader policy on Google’s own bottom line. With new policies in place, will they be able to be trusted again by advertisers?  


How A Wine Brand Advanced Digital Ad Measurement- Constellation Brands, a wine and spirits company, recently set out to create a more efficient measurement system in a digital ad experiment for its Black Box Wines brand. “What we really wanted to do was better understand how our marketing was impacting the bottom line,” said Jaymie Schoenberg, vice president of marketing for Black Box Wines. “We wanted to push the envelope on more real-time optimization. As we thought about diversifying our marketing mix and bringing in a mix of TV and digital during key selling periods, it felt like the right time.” Read more on how they are improving real-time data here


P&G Plans For $2B Cut In Marketing Spend- P&G has a new brand mission for "Irresistible Superiority." The concept is that the company will grow market share slowly by providing consumers with an irresistibly superior experience that extends to the quality of its advertising, according to Moeller. The strategy "integrates technical tests, blind tests, [tracking call and online contacts], household panel tests, and in-market product reviews," he said, per Ad Age. "It adds behavioral data, which is more reliable than attitudinal data, which is what we've historically used." Read about it here





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