Weekly Marketing Roundup- June 6, 2016

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The Marketing of Wonder Woman

Most movies are looking to expand their marketing reach with more creative promotions. Today just the standard trailer does not cut it. For Wonder Woman, marketing and merchandising behind the film clearly opted for a highly-targeted route via a super-powered social push and tie-ins with women-oriented brands. A smart move for a woman focused film, which resulted in the highest-grossing opening weekend for a movie directed by a woman (!). Read more about it here


Top Five Brand Spots- All About Tech

The “fearsome five” tech companies are dominating the list's top spots: Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook. Google, Apple and Microsoft retained their top three spots from last year, and as an indication of the dominance of the top five brands those companies combined represent 25% of the total value of the top 100. Even though technology rules the first five spots, retail was the fastest growing category with a 14% increase in value over the last year although technology contributed to that growth through e-commerce brands such as Amazon and Alibaba. Learn more about the top brands here


Lush Employees at Work Naked?

Last week, Lush employees striped down to just their aprons in their new campaign “Get Naked”. This was done to bring attention to the overpackaging endemic to the beauty industry. “Most of the plastic that has ever been produced still exists today, which is why it’s high time for businesses across all industries to take responsibility and present new generations of consumers with eco-friendly alternatives,” said Brandi Halls, director of brand communications for Lush. Read more about the shock campaign here


Scent Marketing

Scent is the most powerful memory trigger and business have been using this to influence customer behavior. Hotels and spas have used signature scents and scent marketing for years with tremendous success. It’s has been so successful that many different industries are now incorporating olfactory branding into overall marketing strategy. See how you can utilize scent marketing here


How to Use Psychology in Digital Marketing

Psychology and marketing go together more than you think- both using the principles of thinking how others think and then wanting them to behave in a certain way. A copywriter, Christian H. Kline, goes above and beyond to use his knowledge of human behavior to write helpful content for each client’s target audience. He creates digital content that combines both industry-specific research as well as rhetorical techniques to match consumers’ needs. Read more of the psychology behind Kline’s writing here

By Courtney Basel on 06/08/2017

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