Weekly Marketing Roundup - April 21, 2017

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Like us, you're busy and the internet can be a dark hole of articles. So let us help you catch up on this week's marketing articles that we found interesting:


  • With many controversies recently with Google ad placement, Google is now pushing their own ad blocking system. Have they found the answer to their problem? How will this effect digital marketers? Read what google's ideas are here


  • The Pros and Cons of an In-house Agency- A dilemma many businesses are taking on today. Are you better off with an outside point of view? Most cases point to yes- tunnel vision can ruin your vision (just look at Pepsi) but is it worth the cost? See all the Pros and Cons here 


  • As we talk about all the mistakes companies have been making recently (again looking at you Pepsi and United)- we learn that mistakes are inevitable.. Just remember everyone makes mistakes- Don’t sweat it! "This too shall pass"


  • Go ahead- Google "that place where Coke tastes so good." In a very unusual ad for McDonald's- it asks consumers to use google in a completely unbranded video. Capitalizing on search engine results is an interesting new way to engage customers. See it here


Let us know what you have been reading this week in the comments below!

By Courtney Basel on 04/21/2017

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