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Will Google Stop Using 10 Search Results?

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Not only is Google the most popular search engine in the world. it's the most popular website in the world.

When Google appeared for the first time in 1997, it was just one of the many search engines and some of which were used more! However, thanks to its appearance, features and the precise results it provided, Google soon became the most popular search engine. With the help of the special algorithm, which by the way is updated on a regular basis, Google managed to bring the web search experience to another level.

Millions of people use Google to get precise information on a daily basis, which is why it's so important for business owners to stay up to date on what they are changing!

A Brief History Lesson

There are many things that make Google special and one of them is the search result page. Whenever a user enters keyword query in the search box, Google provides a listing of results that match that query. Obviously, the relevancy of the results is closely related to their position – the higher they appear the more relevant they are.  Every result seen on the search result page comes with a title, an URL link and a short description. So, whenever a user performs search they will get thousands of results listed on pages that contain ten results each.

Google's Been Making Changes 

The appearance of Google search result pages are more or less the same as they were a decade ago, but in the last few weeks Google has been testing and experimenting with new ways of displaying results. These tests are made to improve user experience. For instance, they have extended title tags, changed their font size, they have extended the descriptions and they are still testing some other changes.

Mayber it's because of these changes that there is a rumor that Google is going to get rid of the 10 result format.

Addressing the Rumors

With the latest changes it appears that changing the number of results will have to be changed. One option is to use the same solution like the one found in Google image result pages – once the user gets to the bottom of the results the site automatically loads a new page.

Another reason why changing the number of the search results per page may be necessary is the fact that users use devices with different sizes of screens. Since they have extended the title tags and descriptions this means that the results will cover additional space which will make scrolling up and down more difficult.

Furthermore, the advance of the Internet which led to increased number of users with access to fast Internet means that the load time is decreased which was one of the reasons why Google introduced the 10 result feature in the first place.


Nobody at Google has confirmed or denied a change for the search results, but Google's current actions are pointing towards change.


By Anthony Sostre on 05/26/2016

Anthony Sostre is Weblift's content marketing expert and blogger. He is pioneering the concepts of conversion content and engagement content. Contact him on Twitter @AnthonySostre

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