The Challenge

Compete with Microsoft and IBM

Servepronto is a dedicated hosting subsidiary of Infolink, one of a few profitable Data Center Corporations in the world. From its beginning in January 1999, Infolink served the "Value Orientated" segment of the Internet market. Not by offering a sub-standard product at a low price, but by offering a top-quality, feature rich product at an incredible price. They operate their own network in the USA and maintain redundant Fiber Optic Rings which allow us to directly peer with Tier 1 Internet Backbones.

They required a strong marketing strategy that would enable them to compete with IBM (through Softlayer), Microsoft (through Azure), and Amazon (through AWS).

Starting with WebLift's Complete Online Solution

WebLift performed a complete redesign for ServerPronto ( around mid 2015.  Our services included development, consulting, marketing strategy and, of course, design. WebLift has proudly maintained Server Pronto's website and all marketing and affiliate programs since 2003.

WebLift currently manages all their marketing online:

  • Content Development
    • WebLift created Serverpronto University to keep their customers engaged with useful content.
    • Created content strategy to increase organic traffic
    • Articles are created and posted on their site
    • Content is SEO friendly 
  • Social Media Management 
    • WebLift manages all their social media presences: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts
    • Social media performance is reviewed and optimize on a weekly basis
    • Engaging posts and ads are created to attract new customers
  • Social Media Ads
    • WebLift creates targeted ads to attract new clients
    • Ad performance is monitored and optimized on a weekly basis
    • Ads have conversion tracking to track their performance
  • Google Adwords and Remarketing
    • WebLift constantly created targeted ads to reach new potential clients all over U.S
    • Ad performance is monitored and optimized on a weekly basis
    • Custom images are constantly updated to promote new product through Remarketing
    • Campaigns are constantly updated to improve performance
  • Custom Website with DriveCMS built in.
    • WebLift designed and developed Serverpronto's website
    • Client can easily control the website thanks to our DriveCMS system
    • DriveCMS dashboard includes daily analytics with helpful insights about website's performance
  • Monthly SEO

  • Newsletter Service

  • Monthly Intelligence Report
    • Includes data such as amount of traffic to the site, traffic sources, and clicks.


Even with Server Pronto's tough competitors, such as Microsoft and IBM, WebLift keeps succeeding in placing Server Pronto on the first page of Google for many of the top keywords potential customers use to find them online. The following are the top rankings in Google for Server Pronto on 2015:

Keyphrase Avg Google Rank
affordable dedicated server 2
servers dedicated 3
dedicated server support 3
fast dedicated server 2
freebsd dedicated server 1
webmin dns 2
affordable dedicated servers 2


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  • Deliverables

    Content Marketing
    Google Adwords
    Logo Design
    Social Media
    Website Design & Development

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    commercial hosting

At ServerPronto, they are committed to the best value in the dedicated server business. This means constant innovation to deliver the highest performing network and customer control at the lowest price. Whether you are using your server for web development, tinkering, email, photos, gaming, reselling, or all of the above and more, they will deliver a world-class experience.

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