"Weblift is responsible for all aspects of our branding, e-commerce, and social marketing. Without the experience and commitment of their dedicated team, we could not be the market leader we are today."

James Love, Co-Founder, Black Helmet Apparel

Black Helmet Apparel's original website was launched with time constraints and a limited budget. The company expanded past the first basic website and needed an overhaul meanwhile maintaining  true to the original image. They needed a more polished website without losing the "edge" and brand identity. Black Helmet felt that the new items and special promotions needed to be more prominent features.

Black Helmet Apparel, in it's first year of business, has established a brand integrity that we were able to design and launch a site that had all of the enhancements of a modern ecommerce system with out compromising any brand integrity. In addition, we overhauled the shopping cart to make the products easier to manage and created a feature area on the homepage and side bars to push special offers and new products. To keep the brand identity consistent we took elements from the clothing and centralized the website around those designs. We also implemented customer reporting tools that give users a quick overview on performance from the control panel.



James Love, Co-Founder, Black Helmet Apparel" />
Black Helmet Apparel is a clothing company founded by a fireman for firefighters. All the designs are hand drawn, unique, and feature images that relay the fearless, but frightening side of the profession. The company offers a full line of products for men, women, and children, as well as branded accessories.

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