"Weblift is responsible for all aspects of our branding, e-commerce, and social marketing. Without the experience and commitment of their dedicated team, we could not be the market leader we are today."

James Love, Co-Founder, Black Helmet Apparel

About Black Helmet

Black Helmet is a clothing and accessories web-based company for firefighters. They pride themselves in having original designs that reflect the firefighter spirit and community. They only sale online, mainly to United States, Canada, South America, and Germany.

Starting with WebLift's Complete Online Solution

Since its beginnings in 2008, WebLift has helped build the BH brand grow solely online. We started by designing and developing a website from scratch integrated with our DriveCMS system. With this system, they can easily manage all the day to day operations and keep control over their site. WebLift also manages all their marketing online, from social media to Google and SEO.

WebLift currently manages all their marketing online:

  • Social media Advertising. WebLift helps Black Helmet manage all their social media presence online.
    • An English, German, and Japanese Facebook have been created to promote their products to different target markets 
    • Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest have been created and completely managed by our team.
    • Ads are created and managed across all platforms
  • Social Media PPC Campaigns. WebLift completely manages, monitors, and optimizes all ad campaigns for the company
    • Ads are created weekly across all social media platforms
    • Ads are reviewed and optimized weekly to increase conversions
    • All ads have conversion tracking to track performance
  • Google Campaigns
    • Keyword analysis
    • Strategy creation
    • Creation of all ad campaigns 
    • Ads are reviewed and optimized weekly to increase conversions
    • All ads have conversion tracking to track performance
  • SEO
  • Logo Design & Branding
  • Custom E-Commerce website design & development + updates. WebLift has designed, built, and continuously updates Black Helmet's site
    • Website: http://www.blackhelmetapparel.com/
  • Graphic Design services
    • Special Promotions
  • Newsletter system

Performance Results

On social media, WebLift has helped Black Helmet grow from 0 to 366,000 fans on Facebook through weekly promotions and management. We create all the design work for ads on the website and track the ad performance weekly. Black Helmet’s Facebook has not only gained fans, but an active engagement with thousands of likes per post and increasing amount of website traffic. Below you can see one of their Facebook ads and the amount of engagement.


Instagram Results

WebLift has helped BH gained over 14K followers on Instagram and build engagement from their followers. WebLift takes care of posting new products, promoting sales, and post behind the scene pictures.


Google Ads and SEO Results

Thanks to our Google ads campaigns and monthly SEO efforts, Black Helmet has been able to reach and mantain a good presence online. For example, they have the second place in organic ranking on Google for one of their best selling products: their firefighter wallets (see picture below). Their Google ad also shows first in the search place togehter with optimized links and rankings.



WebLift continues to provide monthly marketing services and website updates to Black Helmet Apparel and is looking forward to continue helping them grow their brand online.

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