"We are very pleased with the new website design done by WebLift. After implementing the new design, we see an 10-20% improvement in the conversion rate. Thank you for a job well done."

Jim Zhu, President

The project included the following WebLift services:


-Website Design

About InfoHub, Inc.
Since 1996, InfoHub has worked hard to bring the largest specialty travel portal on the Internet. Today, you can find over 14,000 specialty trips on InfoHub.com, covering activities from Artist Workshops to Yoga Retreats. Whatever your special interest is, you will find it on their site! Plus trips you never even knew existed! They continue to expand the exciting array of travel options available by adding hundreds of out-of-the-ordinary trips every week! Their goal is to make Infohub.com "The Ultimate Source of Inspiring Travel Ideas" for your next dream trip.


Jim Zhu, President" />

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