"The quality of the site work combined with the outstanding customer service makes Weblift a stand alone provider of the best in platform development and management. I not only consider them among the best business colleagues I have worked with, but people I can depend on like friends.

Tom Sparber & Paul Tanguay, Partners

The project included the following:

-Website Consulting

-Website Design

-Website Development

-SEO Content Management System

About of Rice and Zen
Is the new leading on-line resource for saké enthusiasts. It was created by saké aficionados for saké aficionados. Their goal: a website dedicated to saké, where one can find the how, who, what and where of the saké world. It also features the most comprehensive saké reviews available on the internet, with technical information about specific sakés available at the click of your mouse. With an easy to use internal search engine, you will be able to access any saké that they have tasted. And that list is growing weekly. Further, you will find the first interactive saké blog on the internet and articles culled from their travels, experiences and philosophies about saké.


Tom Sparber & Paul Tanguay, Partners

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