Weblift was very flexible and customized the content management system (Drive CMS) to fit our needs. The content management system makes it easy for us to add new pages, edit existing pages, and change the structure of the site on our own.

 We’ve also been very impressed by Weblift's customer service skills. They are very quick and responsive, and are clear in their communication about the expected timeline for pending requests.

The online marketing project consisted of the following WebLift services:

-E-Newsletter Design

-E-Newsletter Develop

-Mail Distribution CMS

Sonoma County Energy Independence Program
This is a program to finance water and energy efficiency measures on private properties. Sonoma County would be the first county in California to create such a program. The Sonoma County Energy Independence Program will allow Sonoma County property owners to take loans from the County to install water conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements, such as tankless water heaters, ultra low-flush toilets and solar panels. The program is expected to be up and running in early spring and would provide loans to property owners to perform energy efficiency upgrades to their business or residential properties. The loans are paid back along with the participants’ property taxes over a period of twenty years. Loans would be tied to the properties, not the owners, and could therefore be passed from one owner to the next. Because the loans are paid back, with interest, the program is cost-neutral to the County.

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