America's Fund for Integrated Solutions partnered with WebLifts to help create and manage our Applied Solutions Workshop 2009 site. During the month before the workshop, major changes had to be done to the web content to accommodate for changes in the workshop's agenda. The team at WebLift quickly responded to reformatting requests within 24 hours. One update had to be done 3 days before the workshop and the team made sure it was done between 6 pm and 10 pm on the same day as the request. Thank you WebLift a job well done!

Carla Engalla, Student Intern

WebLift created a simple mini site for Sonoma County Water Agency staff to easily update and manage their Applied Solutions website. The project consisted of the following:

-Website Basic Design

-Website Development

-Content Management System

Applied Solutions
Applied Solutions is a network of local governments, national laboratories and private industries committed to achieving permanent and cost effective reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, water, energy and transportation use. Key to achieving these goals is the deployment of innovative, integrated infrastructures. Through its collective leadership and action, Applied Solutions is developing transferrable, next generation infrastructure templates and the financial tools necessary for the transformation of the built environment.

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