E.J. Barry

Serious marketers demand serious business intelligence. About customers. About products. About sales channels. About almost everything that affects sales and profits. With a business intelligence solution from E.J. Barry, they can acquire the best, most profitable customers. You'll be able to keep them loyal and sell more to them with innovative customer service initiatives that span every touch point - from marketing communications and campaign management, to stores, call centers and Web sites. You can cut service costs, yet still improve customer satisfaction. Using a combination of marketing insight and technology, E.J. Barry digs deeply into your business and marketing processes to find cost savings, new sales opportunities and ways your managers can make faster, smarter and more profitable business decisions.

"WebLift completely rebuilt our Website, www.ejbarry.com, using DriveCMS. The work they did on our Website was terrific - and very fast. DriveCMS is incredibly easy to use, permitting instantaneous updating of content, adding new pages, and deleting old one. Adding a new page takes minutes, once you've decided on the content. Menus are updated automatically. In the past, we built our own Websites, but using WebLift and DriveCMS is much more efficient and, frankly, much more professional than our own work. You can't go wrong with WebLift. I recommend them without hesitation."

Larry Sackett, President & CEO

State: MD
Industry: Communications   Investment   Technology   Business   Consulting