Mcelroy Tutoring

McElroy Tutoring is primarily a K-12 tutoring business, but also offers graduate level tutoring for adult students. Many of their tutors are well-versed in tests such as the GMAT, LSAT and GRE. The McElroy Tutoring Team includes some of the most talented private tutors and educational consultants available, with rates ranging from $35/hr (for talented and enthusiastic tutoring upstarts) to $125/hr and beyond (for AP-level tutors, College Professors, Ivy-League graduates, and former College Counselors with many years of experience). No matter what your budget is, they will try to find the right tutoring fit for you. McElroy Tutoring is in San Diego, CA and Providence, RI.

"Investing in a website upgrade from WebLift was a great decision for us. Their web expertise will improve your website's visibility and allow you to reach customers everywhere. One of the best effects of upgrading my company's website has been that I am now not only contacted by potential students and parents, but also by other tutors from around the nation and world, who want to chat and share ideas with me. There are a lot of bright, successful tutors out there, and since our new site launched, many of them have been seeking our representation, because WebLift's user-friendly platform allows students and clients to connect with them instantly.

 In the end, the numbers don't lie: our decision to go with WebLift was a wise one. McElroy Tutoring's bottom line is still improving in turbulent economic times, thanks to the work of WebLift's expert staff, and of course a lot of additional hard work on the part of our office staff and hard-working tutors!"

Brian McElroy, CEO

State: CA
Industry: Education


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