Marketing Roundup for January 12

01/12/2018, Marketing news round up for the week  » 

Marketing News Roundup For November

12/01/2017, Top Marketing News for November- Cyber Monday and Holiday shopping  » 

Weblift Launches New Palmetto Bay Academy Website

11/08/2017, WebLift created a new look for Palmetto Bay Academy.  » 

WebLift client Project MAiA selected as an Unbound50 Startup

10/11/2017, We're excited to announce that WebLift client project MAiA has been selected as an unbound50 startup. Unbound50 showcases America's most exciting and innovative startups. Being placed with some of the region's most promising startup talent is no small accomplishment and we are honored to be involved with such a great startup and we look forward to continued success!  » 

Google to Start "Auto-Applying" their Suggestions for your Adwords Campaigns

10/10/2017, Google has made their "suggestions" available to advertisers for quite a while now. I don't know very many professional PPC managers that give these suggestions much weight. They are usually self serving to Google's bottom line and will cause you to spend more money without providing quite the ROI that a professional manager can deliver. Well now, Google is taking it upon themselves to go in and make updates to your account which apply their suggestions automatically. This is a very bad idea...  » 

Great Marketing is About Four Simple Words.

10/03/2017, According to Harvard Business School, Marketing is Everything. Business and marketing are intrinsically linked so it's only natural that great entrepreneurs are often uncannily great marketers -- but what does it mean to be great at marketing?  » 

Weblift announces Project MAiA as new client

10/03/2017, Weblift will be working with Project MAiA on prelaunch marketing, market analysis & testing, and branding. We are excited to be involved with a game changing marketing tool that can help all types of businesses!  » 

CEO Pedro Sostre Shares His Financial Mistakes At LiveNinja

09/22/2017, Pedro Sostre on "The Financial Mistakes I Made When Building My 2 Million Dollar Company"  » 

Marketing Roundup- August 11

08/11/2017, To increase digital spending or not- that is the question of this week.  » 

Weblift- Helping introduce Magic Xperience into American Markets

07/12/2017, After much success in Europe, Magic Xperience is extending their product reach into America. We will be assisting in all digital marketing needs for their transition into American Markets.  » 

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