Is SEO Always Black and White?

For some, search engine optimization (SEO) is simple: you're either on the results list or you're not.  Period.  But is it really that simple?  Apparently, the answer is in black and white.In the internet world, much like your favorite comic books, SEO can be divided into two sides - the good ("white hat") and bad ("black hat") practices.  Black hat techniques are oftentimes utilized by SEO "experts" who've figured out how to play the search engine algorithm in favor of your site, not the customer.  Instead of providing the public with quality content, they fluff your site with information directed at search engine crawlers, playing the algorithm in your "favor" by yielding high numbers of traffic for - and this shouldn't come as a surprise - steep prices.  Some of these so-called experts have been known to charge their clients thousands of dollars for these...  » 

You Gotta Love Those Article Rewriting Scripts

Have you heard of those article rewriting scripts? They can supposedly take (read: steal) existing articles from the web and "rewrite" them by swapping out common dictionary words so you end up with "original" content. Right... Anyway, an article I was quoted in got picked up a few months ago and must have gone through one or more of these scripts several times. The resulting content is absolutely ridiculous. Allow me to post a snippet: Internet marketing and logo analyst Pedro Sostre tell the E-Commerce Times he is knocked for six to hear that consumers be competent to make such a declaration as a result briskly. But he do not hesitancy that the subconscious have trigger. He believe the client subconscious is well-conditioned to design. "Consumers are becoming more and more design-savvy all hours of daylight -- and they may not even know it," said Sostre, principal and fruitful clo...  » 

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