WebLift Provides Design & Development Services for iPad Compatible Application, WindsorPAYS


WebLift worked closely with officials from the Town of Windsor and Sonoma County Energy Independence Program to design and develop an iPad-compatible application for the pilot program, Windsor Efficiency PAYS®. 

The Windsor Efficiency PAYS® program is a new, innovative water conservation program that provides residents of the Town of Windsor with immediate utility bill savings, new water saving fixtures, appliances and drought resistant landscaping - all with no upfront costs or debt. 

Program contractors are required to consult with residents in the field using an iPad device, so the application was specifically designed for this purpose. It also needed to be easy-to-use, quick to navigate and capable of running complex calculations while on-the-go. 

The platform exceeded expecations and launched on December 15, 2012. Find out more about this project through our Case Study.

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