What is PPC?

Pay per Click advertising is a Marketing model in which businesses only pay when their advertisement is clicked by an internet user. We specialize in 3 different channels for PPC ads:

  • Facebook Ads: Ads that are only shown to a targeted audience, depending on a variety of factors like gender, hobbies, income, etc.
  • Twitter Ads: Ads that are targeted to your type of potential customer.

 Why do I Need it for My Business?

Whether you are a small business or a big name brand, PPC is an essential component of any effective Marketing strategy. It will give you the extra exposure and boost in rankings your business needs to reach more potential customers and increase sales.


 Why Choose WebLift?

Many business owners know of the benefits of PPC advertising, but they are hesitant to use it for two main reasons:

1) They have either tried it spending thousands of dollars with little or no results.

2) They do not know what keywords to choose or don’t have the time to invest in it. 

If you feel familiar with one or both of this reasons, we are here to help!

check-square Get the highest reach and high quality traffic

With over 14 years of expertise we have strong in house analytics to choose the most effective and targeted keywords that will bring you not only the most amount of traffic, but the highest quality traffic for a much affordable price.

What does high quality traffic mean? It means that your business’ ad will be so targeted that it will likely get more clicks from people that are actually looking for the services or products you offer, rather than just people browsing around. This will help lower your cost and be more effective.

check-square Constant Optimization

We are optimizing your ads weekly with powerful in-house metrics to make sure you are getting the right results and make constant improvements. This means every Marketing dollar will be more productive and efficient getting you more quality traffic at the most affordable price.

check-square Save Time

Free yourself from the hassles of online advertsing to focus on your business' growth.


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