We've worked with dozens of clients on hundreds of different projects throughout the years, gaining invaluable experience that has helped us to refine our process into four primary phases: Immersion, Definition, Creation and Perfection.


We're not shy.

Only through inquiry can we hope to fully immerse ourselves in your company and industry. Our goal is to fully understand as many of your unique business processes, products, audience, markets and competition as possible.

In order to achieve this objective, we may schedule several initial consultations. These visits may take place in person, on location or by conference.

We may also ask to observe your audience or product, or to review data that you've already collected in order to gain historical insights.


We're honest.

All companies face a certain number of constraints - from saturated markets to underdeveloped products - a fact that we understand and embrace. Only by recognizing our faults can we hope to correct them, and our leadership team won't hesitate to point out the elephant in the room. Then, we'll develop a plan and strategy to overcome these obstacles.

Once we've set realistic expectations, we'll work with you to elucidate objectives that feature primary and secondary goals, phases and corresponding timelines.


Concepts become reality.

We'll combine the process of discovery with knowledge and experience to innovate a solution tailored to your business.

Information Architecture
Depending on the type of project, sitemaps, wireframes or application flow diagrams may be provided in order to establish content layout and structure prior to the design phase. Some diagrams may be more or less specific depending on the depth of user experience.

Graphical Design / Creative
Once the wireframes and associated diagrams are approved, your project moves into the design phase. We'll combine our knoweledge of marketing, conversion and user experience design to create visual options for your review. These visuals may undergo several modifications based on client input and further creative direction before approval is determined.

If necessary, approved visuals will enter the programming and technical development phase of creation.  During this exciting phase, approved designs are converted into functioning applications. 

Our project management team will meet with you on a weekly basis to review progress, assess timelines and prepare for testing phases and adjustments.

Depending on the type of project, this phase may last several weeks to several months and will always include fine quality assurance and usability testing and review prior to product launch.


Launch is only the beginning.

It's important to protect and maintain the integrity of your project in order to garner maximum results. Post launch, we’ll continue to analyze performance via analytics and other user metrics to provide informed recommendations for continued evolution and growth.

Your success is our success.

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