Your Website Might not be as Secure as You Think.

Have a Safe Website for Just $797/mo! 


Why Weblift Security Works

With Weblift, you get protection by the pros. We go a layer deeper than other site security providers with our server hardening, daily scanning, and web application firewall. The result is one of the most secure websites on the web. The Weblift and McAfee Trust Seals give your visitors peace of mind knowing that your website is safe which leads to an increase in your site’s conversions and ROI.

Three Levels of Protection

Server Hardening Service

Using advanced security measures, our team of dedicated professionals will enhance your server’s security and create a more secure server operating environment.

Web Application Firewall

Our expert team will setup, configure and monitor DNS-level web application firewall services provided by a Incapsula (a pro service).

Server Vulnerability Scanning

We scan your server daily using McAfee Secure scans, and review and perform security updates for up to 2 hours each month.

What We Do

  • Minimize unnecessary software on your servers
  • Disable unwanted binaries
  • SSH Hardening
  • Change default ports
  • Disable direct root logins
  • Disable unnecessary services
  • Secure /tmp /var/tmp /dev/shm
  • Hide BIND DNS Sever Version and Apache version
  • Harden sysctl.conf
  • Minimize open network ports to be only what is needed for your specific circumstances
  • Configure the system firewall (Iptables)
  • Harden the Php installation
  • Limit user accounts to accessing only what they need.
  • Set up a DNS-Level web app firewall
  • Configure your web app firewall
  • Monitor your web app firewall
  • Scan your server daily
  • Review your server security
  • Perform security updates

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